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Friday, April 1, 2011

Carnation Conundrum

It must be rough being a carnation. Adored at one point for its long lasting ability and light scent and to be hated the next and called the "parsley" of flowers. Just like fashion trends come and go and reappear again. I hesitate to put carnations into an arrangement where the buyer didn't ask for them, yet I secretly love them. Even with the most beautiful blooms of rare flowers in hand I still notice the brilliant colors that carnations are available in. From the warm vintage peach hues to the inky aubergine purples, they are spectacularly fluffy and sweet. My favorite variety is a very light blush with a red line tracing the edges like a red pencil sketching.
While watching Auntie Mame I noticed the always over the top fashionista Mame had long stem all white beautiful carnations all laid out in vases with no greens or fillers... Just designed to a "T" in an airy manner. Sold. At that moment I was sold.

Wink, Smile, & Be Fleurty!

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